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Sep 18

How To Manufacture Desire | TechCrunch

Sep 07

Sustainable Advantages For Start-Ups - Inside Intercom

Sep 02

Data Visualisation in Web Apps - Inside Intercom

Sep 10

Gilt Tech: Create PDFs from Scala Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript -


Gilt Senior Software Engineer Federico Feroldi just released sPDF (pronounced speedy-f): a Scala library that makes it super-easy to create complex PDFs from HTML, CSS and JavaScript. On the backend sPDF uses wkhtmltopdf, which renders HTML using Webkit.

In creating sPDF, Federico was…

Jul 19

Gilt Technologie: Pour a Little (Lucene) Sugar in Your Scala -



Please say hello to Lucene Sugar: a library that provides a more concise syntax for the Lucene API in the Scala language. Lucene Sugar makes it easier to:

Feb 28

Italy's election: Send in the clowns | The Economist -

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Jul 09

The Small- Business Problem: Why Greece, Italy, and Spain Have Too Many Small Firms. - Slate Magazine -

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Jun 27

What Facebook Knows - Technology Review -

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Jun 15

The Struggle | TechCrunch -

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Jun 09

“The worst pain you can have is the feeling you get when you know that you knew what you wanted to do, but you chose not to listen to yourself and you lost. That’s what it feels like to know in your heart that you wasted a moment of your life.” — Brendan McManus